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Rolling Visual Audio
Live Art Performance Concept

RVA is the latest live art performance concept from Looking Sound.
Directed by Rob Adlington.
Artists collaborate with live musicians by working on a moving canvas that records their artwork in time.
A network of cameras captures the visual art for a digital artist to remix and project back into the performance taking the AV connection to the next level.
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Rolling Visual Audio Credits
Director : Rob Adlington
Live Musicians : Bubu, Manolo Remiddi, Al Maranca
Live Artists : Amos Shein, Mark Jeffreys, Rosie Jones
Live Photographer : Silvia Cruz
Lighting and Visuals : Fergus Noble
Technical Team : Brian Moreau, Ollie Stephens, Sara Wingate-Gray, Diarmuid Timothy, Spike
Sound : Joe Pochciol, Ellis Gardiner.
Rolling Visual Audio Credits
Documentary Production
Filming : Jenna Jardine, Fergus Noble, Chris Stokes, Rob Adlington
Photographers : Laurie Bender, Florian Schadauer, Réka Pünkösti, Dena Garcia
Audio Mixdown : Manolo Remiddi
Editor : Rob Adlington